Professional Shows

Indy Fireworks offers high quality Pyrotechnics for outdoor firework displays. We have provided professional displays and close proximity pyrotechnics for a wide variety of events and special occasions, including 4th of July celebrations, New Year’s eve celebrations, festivals, weddings, birthdays, graduations, private parties, and more.

Personalized Events

We will custom design your show, conduct a comprehensive site survey, furnish all fireworks materials and product delivery, provide a qualified pyrotechnician to coordinate and execute your fireworks program from set-up to clean-up.

We will apply for all required fireworks permits, provide the required liability insurance to cover the Sponsor, the Public, Property Owner, Other Participants, and ourselves.

We will provide you the option of a manual fired display or creating a choreographed computer-fired pyro-musical display. We use state of the art equipment to control the shell effects and the exact bursts times during the display. The use of the electric ignition provides operator increased safety and a more precisely launched display.

Our staff conducts a post-display follow-up to insure all of your pyrotechnic demands have been met and your expectations have been exceeded.

No display is too large or too small. Indy Fireworks is your one stop for everything you need for a pyrotechnic spectacular.

Please contact us for your free estimate today. 317-903-1136


We are licensed and fully insured in Indiana to provide Pyrotechnics.

For more information, please contact us for a quote or ask a store associate for more details.

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